What is Low Vision


Low Vision creates a functional deficit or limitation for the person(s) affected by it. The person usually has some vision although it may not be clear or sharp. There is difficulty reading, doing hobbies, watching TV, driving or even doing daily personal activities in the home or at work and medical and ophthalmic intervention are ineffective.


The Center for LowVision & EyeCare is the low vision office of Dr. DeAnne Leonard, OD. The office provides examinations and vision rehabilitation to those who suffer from the devastating effects of low vision due to retinal disease and other causes. The office also provides eye care to those experiencing problems as a result of dryness or allergies. Our integrative treatment approach blends the elements of established clinical standards with natural and nutritional treatments to promote ocular health, limit disease and inspire “vision.”


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The process to productivity involves the evaluation of your vision, establishing a right glasses prescription, using devices and technology, vision training, and if needed, support systems.

Low Vision Rehabilitation


Your  eyes and your visual system must be taught how to "connect the dots" again after the damage caused by disease or insult in order to see better. Call for an appointment to see how we help you

ocular surface disease and ocular health
Low Vision Evaluation
Integrative Approach

Too often you suffer from intermittent blurry vision, headaches, burning eyes, tired eyes, watery eyes, redness. You’ve not mentioned this to your eye doctor and if you have, you’ve seen little improvement; your eyes just seem to be getting worse.


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22 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Ste 413

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