begin the road to visual rehabilitation. Whatever the cause, The Center for LowVision & EyeCare is here to help you reach your visual goals to be more productive in your home and in your personal life.


ocular health......

And as we age we seem to develop allergies to the most common things. But did you know that foods and the things you eat can and does cause sensitivities and allergies? And did you know that the things you eat can also help to alleviate allergy symptoms?  Call The Center for LowVision & EyeCare to discover how we can work with you using conventional and natural treatment options to get your eyes feeling, looking and performing their best.

                                        Appointment Only----Please call; our office is open with limited hours each week.

Patients are encouraged to bring all current eye glasses, treatment and prescriptions, reading materials, hobbies and work that they  are struggling with because of their vision.


Payment Information


Full payment is due at the time of your office visit. No checks are accepted. For your convenience our office offers the CareCredit payment option. The LVCenter does not participate in vision or HMO insurance plans and only accepts CMS Medicare insurance.


The LVCenter does not participate with insurance companies. Patients with health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits will be given the paperwork necessary to file a claim with their insurance payer. The LVCenter will not submit forms for you or on your behalf. Insurance payers may not reimburse you for some services and will not reimburse for nutritional supplements.
You are strongly encouraged to be familiar with your health insurance plan, including coverage and formularies. It is your responsibility to know your coverage policies and initiate and complete any insurance reimbursement forms. The LVCenter is not responsible for submitting claims for any service or product to your insurance, including devices or office visit charges, and reimbursement cannot be guaranteed. Your insurance carrier may not cover the prescriptions or devices from an out-of-network provider. We will attempt to accommodate your needs.


Assessment Packages:

Low Vision--$200 (includes refraction)
Allergy--$150 (includes one follow-up visit)
Eyelid Disease--$150 (includes one in-office treatment)

Treatment Packages:
Low Vision--$50/30 minute session
Office treatment/follow-up---$40 each visit